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Constipation symptoms?

Are you having a problem with your bowel movement? Do you find it hard to defecate? Do you find yourself staying long at the bathroom trying to force your stool out but to no avail? Or are you noticing that you only defecate less than four times a week?

If yes, then you might have constipation.

Constipation is not something new. In fact, it affects more than 50% of the population! It affects males and females, adults, children, and even infants. And it should not be taken for granted.

Constipation can be a result of a lot of possible circumstances or diseases that affect your gastrointestinal tract. The digestive tract holds a lot of functions, and one of its main functions aside from extracting the necessary substances from the foods we eat, is the function of eliminating the “leftovers” that are no longer useful to us. As a matter of fact, these leftovers can promote buildup of toxins and wastes in our body. Thus, constipation needs to be addressed immediately, as soon as possible. You would not want your body to suffer the consequences, wouldn't you? Among these consequences might even be colon cancer!

So if you have constipation, do something about it! And do it, NOW!

Everything you need to know about the remedies for constipation can be found right here. Do not worry – the remedies for constipation does not necessarily need to be availed from your nearest drugstores or pharmacies. Who knows, your kitchen and your herbal garden might just have the exact things you need to get your digestive system back on track! Want to know how to make use of them? We have it here!

Time to check your fridge! Do you have the foods you need for a healthier you? The key for a better body lies much in the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. The answer to constipation and how to avoid it is in knowing which foods to avoid, and which foods to concentrate on. One rule of thumb: More water and fiber, less processed foods and starch!

How about your children?

Are you paying attention to their bathroom habits? If not, then time to start doing so, now. Children are not exempted from having constipation, especially in this time of their life where play seems to be their main priority. If you think your child has constipation, then start dealing with it now. Your child's diet might need a little overhaul!

Is your baby seemingly distraught?

Are you noticing some irregularities with his bowel movement? Then time to prepare a whole lot of diapers, Mommy! The main challenge with infants is that crying may mean a lot of things. But one of these might be constipation. So the best thing to do is start preventing it. A few tips from this page can help you deal with the reason of your infant's discomfort. In this manner, you become rest assured that the next cry would be about something else but never about constipation!

Constipation should always be regarded as an enemy. Because if not dealt with, it will start a vicious cycle that just might end into death. So right now, we should start caring for our gastrointestinal tract. An occasional detoxification and colon cleansing might even be necessary. The important thing is, we flush out these toxins as often as we can, and as soon as we can!

Acute paralytic ileus and its clinical implications.
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