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Colon cleanse & constipation - Part 2 of 2

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Colon cleansing may perhaps be advantageous in some respects, but it can also pose a lot of risks. In fact, there are not yet scientifically proven studies that fully support the claimed benefits of colon cleansing. However, its risks are definite – the risks start from the equipment itself up to the mixtures that are concurrently channeled into the bowel. Use of water in colon cleansing may in itself cause water intoxication, taking note of the large amounts of fluids that the colon is capable of reabsorbing. The equipment can cause infection in the colon, can cause trauma or injury to the colonic mucosa if done without extreme care and accuracy, and it can even cause parasitic infestations if it did not undergo proper sterilization. Enema preparations may even pose greater risks, and is also associated with electrolyte disturbances and cardiac attacks, not to mention anemia and malnutrition due to malabsorption.

Aside from the mentioned risks, colon cleansing could also upset the balance between the natural flora and the chemical content of the bowel. Worse, the colon's regenerative ability, or its ability to replace lost cells, may also be interrupted. One of the worst things that could also result is dependence of the individual on the colon cleansing method, such that the body's natural ability to cleanse itself will also become disturbed. So if you prefer to do colon cleansing than do lifestyle modification and simply eat lots of fibrous foods as well as increase fluid intake, make sure you are more than prepared to face the risks that come with it.

Is colon cleansing really necessary, especially in constipated patients? Recent studies reveal that there is nothing wrong with the body's capacity to cleanse itself – and therefore, colon cleansing may not be that mandatory. As long as proper diet and nutrition are part of the daily regimen, there is no need for colon cleansing!

<< Constipation remedies and colon cleanse - Part 1 <<

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