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Reviews of the leading colon cleansing products

Analysing value for money, safety, ingredients and effectiveness

Appraised by the Editorial Staff

Colon detoxification is fast becoming one of the most widely recommended therapies in the store cupboard of practitioners of natural health. Given that the digestive system, and in particular the intestine, is home to above 50 percent of the immune system, this is hardly surprising. Colon cleansing effectively removes toxins from the system allowing nutrients to be absorbed efficiently and aiding digestion. This prevents numerous problems developing, such as depression and fatigue, irritability, constipation, gas and bloating, bad breath, allergy symptoms, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), headaches, PMS, weight gain and frequency of infections.

Considering the importance of scrubbing and eventually removing hard faecal matter from the colon, along with parasites and toxic materials, it is convenient that there are many colon detoxification programmes on the market. Recognising that the importance of bowel cleansing is crucial in the quest for good health maintenance, we set out to thoroughly research all major colon cleansing programmes available to analyse and illuminate the Detoxification issue.

The number of products on the market is legion and the choice can be baffling. However, close scrutiny of the available products reveals that there are only a few of sufficient quality, and with the correct combination of ingredients, to achieve the desired effect. Moreover very few have verifiable testimonials to back up the often inflated claims of the manufacturers. Empty sales jargon is easy to write and it is commonplace for companies to claim the superiority of their products. But in the last analysis it is the experiences of real customers, those who have tried and tested the product and who can vouch for its safety and effectiveness, whose judgements count.

In examining a range of popular cleansing programmes we employed the criteria set out below:

  1. Ingredient based effectiveness and safety
    In the light of the latest research in the arena of natural medicine, and charting their effectiveness against standard industry reference manuals, we compared the ingredients and combination of ingredients. Each programme was also evaluated on its length and on its recommended dosage. Taking into account that toxins in the colon, and in the body generally, accumulate over many years, we concluded, along with many detoxification experts, that a short two week programme is inadequate. Depending on the level of toxicity in the body, it was thought that a course of at least 30 days, or up to 6 months and beyond was necessary.
  2. Customer reaction to effectiveness and safety
    The acid test of any product is the customer; if the end user is happy and satisfied then the product has been effective. No amount of sophisticated marketing or slick service will make a deficient product work, and if the product has failed to meet its claims, the customer has wasted their money. A proficient colon cleansing programme should satisfy most people in most situations, so it was not until we had carried out exhaustive research of manufacturers’ and distributors’ websites, customer testimonials, forums and blogs that we came to our conclusions.
  3. Guarantees
    Here are some of the factors explored:
    • Longevity of company
    • Real address and free phone telephone number (not PO Box)
    • Full details of guarantee and description of ingredients, plus directions for use on website
    • Safe and secure ordering service
    • Professional (as opposed to anonymous and subjective) recommendations
    • Firm guarantee for dissatisfied customers
  4. Value for money
    Colon cleansing programmes retail between £30 to £65 on average, but the price was not thought to be of great importance as long as it was not prohibitive. Suspicion was aroused if the price was cheaper than £30; it brought into question the quality of the ingredients. Anything more than £65 was considered expensive. The number of products supplied, along with dosage, shipping and duration of the course were other factors taken into account.


A system of one to five stars was employed to rate the products reviewed. Reviews originally compiled in July 2011, reappraised 31st December 2012.

After close study and careful consideration Constipation Remedies voted Natural Swiss’s Clean Inside the top Colon Cleansing programme on the market.

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