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Constipation remedies and colon cleanse

Constipation - detoxification and colon cleanse

Colon cleanse & constipation - Part 1 of 2

>> Constipation remedies and colon cleanse - Part 2 >>

Constipation has been linked with excessively large amounts of apprehension, especially in the US! But then, the lifestyle modifications that are supposed to accompany the state of apprehension are still overlooked often.

As part of the response to the growing problems regarding constipation, colon cleansing was formulated. It is generally identified as an alternative therapy that is still medical in origin (in contrast to the use of laxatives or drugs or any other pharmacologic treatment); and the main objective of colon cleansing is simply to evacuate the bowel and the intestinal tract from potential toxins contained in fecal matter, hence the term! Colon cleansing has been practiced since the time of Ancient Greece and Egypt. The so-called concept of “auto-intoxication” which was formulated by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians is the reason behind the formulation of colon cleansing. This “auto-intoxication” was thought to shorten life, and therefore the patrons of colon cleansing exerted their best efforts to make it part of the necessary routines and in health practices.

The colon is capable of reabsorbing a great deal of material, and so this is exactly why colon cleansing was brought to light – to avoid reabsorption of toxins. Recent popular methods of colon cleansing involve the use of hydrotherapy, wherein specialized and specific equipment is used to channel water into the intestinal tract – water that can be mixed perhaps with herbs or other therapeutic fluids – using basically the principle behind enema administration. This is due to the antique general idea that stuck up fecal matter in the colon can be a source for bacterial infestation, and thus, cause deleterious effects onto general health. This however was disproved as the years progressed, with recent researchers making it clear that the bowel is clean and certainly not the source of non-specific illnesses. As of now, colon cleansing, usually done in the form of enema, is accomplished in patients prior to surgery involving the gastrointestinal tract.

Colon cleansing may perhaps be advantageous in a lot of respects, but it can also pose a lot of risks. In fact, there are not yet scientifically proven studies that fully support the claimed benefits of colon cleansing. Since we may be familiar with its advantages, let us tackle first the disadvantages of colon cleansing through the use of special equipment.

Its risks are definite – the risks start from the equipment itself up to the mixtures that are concurrently channeled into the bowel. Use of water in colon cleansing may in itself cause water intoxication, taking note of the large amounts of fluids that the colon is capable of reabsorbing. The equipment can cause infection in the colon, can cause trauma or injury to the colonic mucosa if done without extreme care and accuracy, and it can even cause parasitic infestations if it did not undergo proper sterilization. Enema preparations may even pose greater risks, and is also associated with electrolyte disturbances and cardiac attacks, not to mention anemia and malnutrition due to malabsorption.

>> Constipation remedies and colon cleanse - Part 2 >>

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