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Components that Cause Constipation

Cheese causes constipation

Ingredients what can cause constipation

Constipation does not just appear from nowhere – it's got to be caused by something. And one of the few things that are the ultimate culprit for its existence lies in the food we eat.

Definitely! What comes in has to come out – eventually! So the more complex the foods we eat, the harder it is to spill them out. Let us take a look at the foods to avoid in order for us to be spared from this heartbreaking dilemma – the enemy called constipation.

There are simple solutions for constipation that come straight from the kitchen. All you need to do is fix it up, and sooner or later, you will start letting go of all that ugly stuff that might be residing in your intestines for quite some time! Why not try these out?
  • Processed and preserved foods

    Exactly. In this generation where everyone prefers hotdogs over a home-cooked all-natural meal, no wonder the numbers of people suffering from constipation are rapidly rising. Because of lack of time to make the right kind of foods, we resolve to the easy-to-cook ones. And now we all know - these are just bad news. These processed and preserved foods are just the perfect way to say hello to constipation.
  • Dairy products and fatty foods

    Milk can be both good news and bad news. Of course we need it as a source of calcium, but beyond the recommended daily dose, it might be better if we regulate a little if we want to avoid getting constipated. So that means, cut off a little on the cheese, bread, yogurt, ice cream, and so on! These contain hydrogenated fat; even your favorite pizza and chips contain this kind of fat. More fat equals constipation. Always remember, it is the fats that are the last to be digested as compared to both protein and carbohydrates. Thus, the more fat you include in your food, the harder it is to pass through your digestive tract. So if you want to keep constipation off your problem list, then it may be better to stay off from these fats and regulate our consumption of these kinds of foods. Give yourself a little help!
  • Sugar, sugar, and more sugar

    Yes, the more sugar in your food, the more difficult it is to digest. Complex sugars take more time to break down, and hence, the more sugar, the greater the chances to get constipated. So you might have to tone down on your cakes and pastries if you want to have a smoother gastrointestinal tract. Constipation will never be a problem then, and aside from that you keep yourself a little fit by toning down on one of the culprits of obesity!
  • Regulate the banana intake

    The binding properties of specific foods make it not advisable for regular consumption. To name some, these foods include bananas and rice. Though it can be very helpful in terms of nutrition, this can help you welcome constipation into your system. Despite the banana's high fiber content, the binding properties it has are just bad news for those who would want to have a smoother gastrointestinal flow. On the other hand, rice is one of the best components of a diet composed of healthy whole grains, but because it has immense binding properties, it may not be the exact food you should be eating if you are faced with problems on indigestion. Thus, we may need to stay away from more than a cup of rice and several glasses of banana shakes if we are to avoid constipation.
  • Medications and supplements

    Some medications and supplements carry with it the effect of constipation. So be sure to consult your physician about the possible side effects of any medication he or she prescribes. Most medications and supplements that are popular for its constipation-inducing effects are iron supplements, medications for pain relief, antidepressants and anticonvulsants, and even calcium supplements. In moments wherein you have the pressing need to take in these medications, be sure to ask your doctor for remedies beforehand so you could compensate for its effects on your gastrointestinal tract. Constipation as a side-effect of these medications can be remedied, so do not hesitate asking your doctor for solutions to constipation.

The key to avoiding constipation lies in discipline and awareness. Having known all these constipation-inducing components in our daily living or diet, then it is high time to start acting on what we know. The remedies for constipation are plenty, but prevention is still better than finding the right cure! Let us keep ourselves healthy in the most natural way possible!

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