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Foods that cause constipation

Right Food to Sweep the Goo Away

A healthy bowel movement is the result of a healthy lifestyle. If we feed ourselves with garbage, our system can become too stuck up it will result to malfunction. Here are some important tips on food to avoid constipation and at the same time relieve it.
  • If life gives you lemons... squeeze the lemons and pour the juice into warm water! Refrain from putting salt or sugar. Just bear with the taste. It will surely help your bowels move faster.
  • While cooking, try your best to be creative and add cumin powder and asafetida. Some ingredients to add to your grocery list can be coriander and turmeric powder. These will help your foods become readily digestible.
  • Let go of what makes you stop! Therefore, say goodbye to junkfood, fastfood, readily processed foods, and everything else artificial. You might also need to say goodbye to deep frying, preserved and dried fruits and vegetables, cauliflowers, cabbages, as well as dal and some other pulses. Not unless if you want gases and toxins building up in your body! Ditch products made from processed white flour. Avoid foods such as white rice, cheese, potatoes, and sugar, because these contain complex carbohydrates. The more starch, the harder to digest. So, simply stay out of it. You can do it! You have to, if you want a healthier body.
  • Do not just mix your food. It might be necessary to eat one family at a time. To be specific, do not try eating cereals, vegetables, and pulses all at one sitting. You have three meals a day to spread them out on!

Sometimes, if not most of the time, all it takes is just the right diet to keep our machineries in good shape. Then, there would be no apparent need for medicines, for laxatives, for colon cleansing, since in short, there would not be any constipation. It is just a pity that many take good nutrition for granted.

Let us take a brief overview on the foods to eat, and the foods to definitely avoid in order to have a smooth-sailing digestive passage.

Foods that cause constipation

Foods that cause constipation

Sad to note, the typical American diet nowadays highly promotes constipation. Today, people are too lazy to cook their own food and rely a lot on fastfood chains and ready to cook meals.

Food processing involves the removal of a lot of fibrous components. Thus, processed food is one of the chief reasons why there is constipation. Foods that fall under this category include all prepackaged foods, white or polished rice, sugars, refined white flour, and even pastries. This even includes hotdogs and doughnuts.

Fatty foods are also a reason for constipation. Fat is the last to undergo digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, compared to protein and carbohydrates. As a result, the more fat in the diet, the slower the passage of food into the small intestine and into the colon. Most of the food we have today have a high content of hydrogenated fat as well as animal fats. These include the summer favorite which is the ice cream, cheese (which most of us choose to include in our recipes), whole milk, meat with a high content of fat, and snacks such as pizza and chips.

Not all fluids that could suffice for the “increased fluid intake” instruction in the alleviation of constipation are relevant. Some, unfortunately, have to be avoided since these are also culprits for constipation. Examples of these fluids are those with high sugar content, non-nutritional drinks, as well as caffeine. This is to include alcohol, colas and sodas, coffee, and synthetic fruit juices wherein all the fibrous content has been removed. It is advisable to drink natural juice, or those that are derived fresh from the fruit.

Foods that can prevent constipation

Foods That Can Prevent Constipation

So what are the foods to eat?

Fresh fruits are always a must in caring for the body. If the skin can be eaten along with the fruit, such as in the case of apples, pears, grapes and peaches, then go for it! The skins of these fruits have high fiber content, which can then increase the bulk of your stools. The greater the fibrous bulk, the faster its passage down the digestive tract.

Fruits with high water content are also advisable. These include watermelons and citrus fruits, as well as cantaloupes. Higher water content will also promote faster passage down the colon since it helps keep the stools soft despite the massive amount of water reabsorption in the colon.

Raw vegetables are also fiber-rich foods. Its is more advantageous than the cooked ones so as to ensure that the vegetables do not lose its components through heating.

Other foods that are proven to prevent constipation are the protein-rich vegetables such as legumes. Raisins, figs and prunes are also part of the list, not to mention foods made with whole grains such as wheat. Popcorns and bran muffins as well as cereals are among the yummy food snacks that can foster smooth stool evacuation. More foods such as fiber wafers as well as vegetable soup are also proven to be effective.

So what are you waiting for? You can now start jotting down these foods, and stick them at the door of your friendly refrigerator. Start living healthy, now!

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