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Do physical interventions outweigh prevention?

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Often, constipation seems to be such a common complaint in that we do not place a great weight on measures that prevent it. Unknowingly most of us succumb to the delaying things that could be done now – such as lifestyle changes and especially a healthy diet.

But what do we really know about constipation? Regardless of the gravity of the cause, constipation should serve as a knock on the head for us. Often we do not give our bodies credit for filling in the gaps we do due to neglect – we do not thank it for working overtime when we eat lots of fatty food, and we even go to the extent of abusing it by avoiding habitual exercise, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and smoking tobacco even though we could live without it. And then here comes constipation – but, sad to note that even in its presence, we fail to recognize that lifestyle change is the best and simple way to have prevented it. We resort to eating bulks of fibrous fruits and vegetables, and even go as far as buying over the counter laxatives to get rid of the condition we have induced on ourselves. After resolving constipation, we happily go back to the usual lifestyle that we had, sooner or later forgetting that the constipation ever happened. At the back of our minds, we know that medications are always around the corner if we need them.

Constipation never really sounds an alarm for most of us. There are laxatives that could help us get through, colon cleansing to help us detoxify, and manual disimpaction of fecal stools which nurses can do for us.

Yet, we cannot rely on laxatives forever. Or on other physical interventions. We need to reorganize and get back in shape.

When complications set in, it will seem that the weight of the world is suddenly on us. And all the while, we forget that we chose to carry the burden ourselves! Physical interventions are meant only for the people who had unfortunately impaired their nervous system resulting to inability to defecate. Laxatives are supposed to be for people who are bedridden due to systemic conditions such as stroke, and are therefore unable to pass out their stools voluntarily. We can do without colon cleansing – thank Providence for the gift of an efficient machinery that will work optimally if given the right fuel of fibrous fruits and vegetables. So if we rely much on medications, what does it make us? Is it not reducing our fully functional bodies into machineries incapable of making decisions and choices?

Constipation should not be a problem. All it takes is to say goodbye to the lifestyle you thought – or deceived into thinking – that you are happy in. Fatty foods may be among the most delicious foods, but this can not only give rise to problems in the bowel – there is a lot more to the package. Hypertension, for one, is a direct result of eating foods loaded with high cholesterol levels.

Still, nothing beats prevention. Eat the right foods, and your body gets the right stuff. Aside from that, your body gets to eliminate unwanted toxins in the right way. Life can be more enjoyable when you are on healthy living, and you get far out from the vicious cycle into which constipation is part of. Constipation is far easier to avoid, than to alleviate. Save yourself from the fuss of thinking about laxatives, spare yourself from the possible pain brought about by fecal disimpaction.

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