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Remedies for babies and children constipation

Constipation in children and babies

Remedies for Constipation in Babies

Well, babies hardly complain: a cry can mean everything! So every mommy should bear in mind to keep the baby from having constipation blues.

One nice tip: avoid feeding the baby a large amount of milk all in one sitting. You can suffice for it by increasing the number of the baby's feeding times. Take into consideration the growing baby's digestive system. Giving it milk in small amounts at different times of the day will help the baby's digestive system digest the milk in small quantities, helping it digest easily.

If the baby is bottle fed with a specific formula, try increasing the proportion of water to the milk powder. In this way, more fluids are being given to the baby.

A stomach massage can also be of great help. Gentle massaging on the baby's tummy in clockwise motion will help stimulate digestion easily.

You can also try the warm bath method. This is usually recommended by many health professionals. This is based on the rationale that the baby is made to relax and get the body to work optimally again.

How about getting your baby do pseudo-cycling? Here's how to do it: lie the baby on his or her back, and position the baby's legs into a half-bent pose. Then, slowly and alternately rotate the baby's legs such that he or she will look like riding a bicycle.
Doing this in conjunction with massaging the tummy (see the Abdomen Massage) will help relieve his or her problems on constipation.

Constipation in children and babies

Remedies for Constipation in Children

A child having constipation is perhaps one stressful event. Children are not concerned about bowel movement (they would rather play with their toys), rather, it is the mommy's job to make sure he or she gets to defecate at least once a day. So mommy, how do you do the trick?

You can always turn to apple juice. Apple juice acts as a stool softener, and will help ease up defecation in your child suffering from constipation. Its effects act soon enough, which is why it is recommended for someone needing immediate relief.

Soy milk is also highly recommended. However, make sure the child is at home since it acts like a laxative. So do not panic if your child complains of sudden abdominal pain, it can only mean that he or she has to be rushed to the comfort room and get some flushing.

Most important thing, as always: put bulks of fiber into your child's diet.
Pineapples and other fibrous fruits will help your child have a regular “poopoo” episode each day, and you won't have to initiate anything.

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