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Conversions, visitor and site analytics

Conversion after using Clicktale

How does ClickTale work?

ClickTale captures every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke that a visitor makes inside a webpage, and then sends this information back to the ClickTale servers in a highly compressed package. Our servers take a snapshot of the webpage as experienced by the visitor, and combines it with the visitor actions to recreate the original browsing session. When you then login to your ClickTale account you can see your visitor recordings, visual heatmaps and other behavioral reports.

Will ClickTale slow down my site?

No. ClickTale has no noticeable effect on webpage load times or site performance. The ClickTale code is loaded at the end of the page, and is highly compressed. It therefore does not effect page load times at all.

Will ClickTale record all of my visitors?

ClickTale allows each subscriber to select the percentage of their visitors they would like to record. You can choose to record between 0 - 100% of your visitors, however you can only record up to your monthly recording limit as determined by your subscription plan.

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Will ClickTale affect visitors' browsing experience or page loading times?

Website visitors don't notice any difference in their browsing experience since ClickTale is optimized for minimal use of CPU and bandwidth resources. In addition: Only about 5K of highly compressed data per recording is sent back to our servers, which has no noticeable impact on site performance. The ClickTale tracking code is small and compressed, and is delivered via a Content Delivery Network that is extremely fast and reliable. Customers usually choose to record only a small fraction of their total traffic, and the extra load is not noticeable on the servers. The ClickTale code is loaded at the end of the page, and therefore does not affect page load times at all.

Can ClickTale record member-only areas and secure pages?

Yes. With our paid plans you can record pages protected by a log-in, as well as https pages such as shopping carts.

Can I use ClickTale to find bugs in my website?

Yes, ClickTale provides a Most Errored Page Report to help you find which pages are generating the most JavaScript errors. In addition, ClickTale can show you when a visitor encounters an error and which line of your site code is generating the error.

WHow is ClickTale different from traditional web analytics?

Most traditional web analytics tell you where visitors come from and which pages they go to within your site. We tell you everything your visitors do inside those web pages using playable videos of customers' entire browsing sessions as well as powerful visual heatmaps and behavioral reports.

Does ClickTale provide aggregated data about links and visitors?

Yes, ClickTale provides several reports based on aggregated visitor data. These reports include our Heatmaps, Link Analytics, and Form Analytics among others.

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