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Stomachache, gastric pain

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If the pain is due to inflammation of the soft lining which encloses the visceral organs (otherwise called the peritoneum), the pain is commonly described as steady and aching in quality. The pain is precipitated when there is tension applied on the abdomen, by movements such as coughing or sneezing. What determines the intensity of the pain is the causative agent which caused irritation to the peritoneum, such as leaking out of gastric juice due to a perforation in the stomach, as in the case of perforating ulcers. Don't belittle the importance of eating breakfast or your mother's advice of not skipping meals. Pain from a perforating ulcer would be the least of its kind you would want to experience.

If the pain is due to a blockage in the viscera, there is usually an intermittent or colicky pain. In terms of location, the patient experiences colicky pain in the periumbilical or supraumbilical region if the obstruction is at the small intestines. As time goes on, the pain may diminish bit by bit due to distention of the small intestine in response to the blockage. If the obstruction is in the colon, a radiation of the pain towards the lower back (lumbar region) is most likely. A blockage in the colon would also cause constipation. So in some cases, abdominal pain associated with constipation may most likely point out irregularities in the colon.

If the pain is due to abnormalities in the blood vessels, the pain may have an abrupt onset with a very high degree of severity. In these cases, the pain is diffuse, and the one who experiences it will find it hard to directly point out the location of the pain. This could even persist for a period of several days before the ultimate catastrophic consequences occur such as collapse. This is one of the things to look out for since this can be a very fatal event.

If the pain is due to spasm of the muscles in the abdominal wall, the pain is usually described as constant or aching. Aggravating factors can include movement, pressure, as well as prolonged standing.

There are also a lot of systemic diseases that can present as a simple stomachache. Therefore it is very important that a stomachache should not be simply ignored. Now that we know a little bit about the not-so-friendly, cumbersome, stomachache, we might as well avoid the things that are most likely to cause it. Eating a healthy diet would not require much effort, wouldn't it?

<< Stomachache - Part 1 <<

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